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 [WIP/CLEO] Koenigsegg CCX+Weapons

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PostSubject: [WIP/CLEO] Koenigsegg CCX+Weapons   Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:18 pm

Well I'm still not ready to do cars yet so I made somthin for a car the car is at GWM by NightRaven my mod is a cleo for it that makes it a indestructible death car! It gives it nos, locks or unlocks, guns on the side, mines, missiles, horn to unflip it (like if u flip it going off a ramp horn puts u back on ur wheels) Smile pics:

As u can see menu needs fixing and the special weapon u see on the menu was my bad that won't be in the final release.
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[WIP/CLEO] Koenigsegg CCX+Weapons
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